Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Season 2 (2013)

Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Season 2 was released on DVD on March 5, 2013
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Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master by using the Four Elemental Weapons of Spinjitzu; weapons so powerful, no one can handle all of their power at once. When he passed away, his two sons swore to protect them, but the oldest, Lord Garmadon, was consumed by darkness and wanted to possess them all. A battle between brothers broke out and Lord Garmadon was struck down and banished to the Underworld. Peace returned to Ninjago as the younger brother, Sensei Wu, hid the elemental weapons in the far corners of Ninjago. Centuries later, Lord Garmadon has returned with the help of his Skeleton army to collect the Golden Weapons. Sensei Wu turns to the aid of four young Ninja who are to be trained to become the protectors of each of the weapons. Although the Ninja successfully survive a harrowing quest to retrieve the elemental weapons, they fall into Lord Garmadon’s master plan…

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US DVD Release Date March 5, 2013
UK DVD Release Date UK - Not announced
Australia DVD Release Date AU - Not announced

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DVD and Blu-ray Release Date March 5, 2013
Actors Vincent Tong, Kirby Morrow, Brent Miller, Michael Adamthwaite, Paul Dobson, Kelly Metzger, Jillian Michaels, Ian James Corlett, Colin Murdock, John Novak
Studio Warner Home Video
MPAA Not-Rated (TV-Y7)
Genre(s) Children, TV Series
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