House of Flesh Mannequins (2009)

House of Flesh Mannequins was released on DVD on February 21, 2012
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Sebastian, a loner artist, photographer and filmmaker spends his days in the seediness of life’s elements. Taking pictures, photographing violent acts and spending a lot of time watching homemade films filled with jarring imagery, Sebastian also happens to be his building’s landlord. He has also suffered an abused childhood, being subjected to sleep deprivation and constant home videos. Things begin to change for him when apartment tenant, Sarah Roeg, begins to take interest in his work and Sebastian himself. Boldly brave, House of Flesh Mannequins pulls you into its own hell!

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US DVD Release Date February 21, 2012
UK DVD Release Date UK - Not announced
Australia DVD Release Date AU - Not announced

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Run time 100 minutes
DVD and Blu-ray Release Date February 21, 2012
Actors Domiziano Arcangeli, Irena A. Hoffman, Giovanni Lombardo Radice
Directed by Domiziano Cristopharo
Studio Music Video Distributors
MPAA Not-Rated (Unrated)
Genre(s) Horror
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2 Visitor Reviews for House of Flesh Mannequins

  1. Lorena Bianchini says:

    I saw this movie in an Italian Festival. I was surprised by the intense feelings I received. I was not expecting from an Italian movie, something like that: so original, so qualitative… so different. It is a movie not suitable maybe for all… but it is a movie that should be watched, lived… it remains in my mind and into my thoughts alot after the projection. Great cast, dramatic cinematography, amazing special effects… and the story, it is a story that reflect the real condition of the society. A sic society… destroyed by taboo, church and tv. I’m happy to have the opportunity to finally buy it now… I suggest this film to alla the people that love the good cinema!


  2. Dani R. Harris says:

    This film is so unique, intense,violent,and poetic,all at the same time,beautifully filmed and designed (costumes and art direction,both look like,they’re coming from a Fellini movie, or some other euro visionary’s master director’s film). While the plot is not so complex as it may seem, what makes it,at times,overly cerebral,are some of the charged dialogues,whether,happening in dreams,or in reality: there’s a strong influence here from Powell/Pressburger’s “Peeping Tom”(1960), and a Fulci’s or Lenzi’s Giallo from the glorious 1970’s.And,yes,there’s a very unsettling twist at the end,truly unexpected.
    However, the director lacks, at times, a stronger type of cinematic story telling to compensate everything(and i mean anything..) that happens in these wild,unforgettable 100 and some minutes,in this never less than compelling piece of work,but,I must say, that it’s the impeccable visuals,the shocking themes,the choice of using real performers from ‘the so called theater of blood'(yes,70% of the gore you’ll witness in this movie, is real,so be advised: only the main cast was granted SFX!)while,at the end,what seems to matter most,here,are the characters and their in depth development,helped,enormously, by the almost troubling,yet perfect cast, that makes this movie one of a kind,without a doubt!
    Domiziano Arcangeli,who seems to be getting all the most astonishing roles,lately, once more,delivers a wonderful,touching,surreal performance,making of the protagonist, Sebastian,the most authentic portrait of a more than sick,I’d even say,utterly shocking character.And,while gorgeous Irena A. Hoffman (why don’t we see her more often?) makes of the ambiguous Sarah Roeg, an unforgettable girl,dense of a naturalistic,almost impalpable, morbid beauty,like a dark lady under age,iconic Horror star Lombardo Radice is very effective, as usual,in portraying,Sarah’s blind father,even though,his accent makes, at times,a little difficult to understand him, and,his role, is certainly the more convoluted (sorry,if i’m spoiling one of the several surprises,but i did not get why he’s so obsessed with Sebastian himself,and i do not believe,that,in the movie,this is ever, even ultimately, explained!),while the rest of the cast is like an impressive assemblage of faces,and bodies, you could easily see in “SALO” or in a Jodorowski’s movie.
    Director Cristopharo effectively mixing professionals,with non professionals,porn stars,and sword or glass eaters,people into extreme pain, and S/M,as a form of art show,creates a dreamy crowd,that lives perfectly in sink with the 3 sides of this psychological,erotic,Giallo:
    the grim,devastating reality,Sebastian’s dreams,and interiors,and a parallel world,where illegality and murder become like natural ingredients of our sick society,and,here,the director strongly accuses media’s and TV, to be effectively responsible of this dehumanization of our times,but, also, by doing this,he keeps away from judgements:in fact we’ll never know exactly where we are,if,maybe, in some LA suburb(where the film was obviously shot)which, at the same time,though,might as well be Europe, or even,Mexico,or any other world of the mind, we want to imagine. What i loved most, about this movie, is that the important is not to define,but to ‘discover’.
    A special mention must go to the exceptional music sound track,and to all the inventions, obviously, searching hard for a cinema,made of new ways of communications, and new styles to incorporate,in order to fight the bland,often boring, mainstream productions.
    I cannot recommend this movie to everyone,though: it is so extreme,the sexuality is almost pornographic,the violence is so vivid,because,it is so very often truly performed, and the child being abused (however shot with all the evident precautions) still so very disturbing,to leave you speechless,for days!
    But,if you’re up, for something completely new,or for a true experience,visually stunning,profound,and thought provoking,if you may feel like,exploring the unknown,or what they always told you not to even bother with, then,you must see this film.
    You may despise it, or you may love it so much,that it could quickly become a cult of the outrageous,with a touch of beauty. Am i too enigmatic?
    You’ll just find out, by watching “House of Flesh Mannequins” in its entirety,a film i loved,however,I,again,must stress that, some people, may be simply feeling sick, just, by trying to ‘decode’ the fine line between art, and real human horror: an essential point of the story and the characters populating this feast of a movie!

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