Hellraiser: Revelations (2011)

Hellraiser: Revelations was released on DVD on October 18, 2011
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Two friends in Mexico discover the Lament Configuration and unleash Pinhead, but one decides to try to survive by swapping himself with someone else. Once they go missing, family members go in search of them, but find Pinhead instead.

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US DVD Release Date October 18, 2011
UK DVD Release Date UK - Not announced
Australia DVD Release Date AU - Not announced

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Run time 75 minutes
DVD and Blu-ray Release Date October 18, 2011
Actors Adel Marie Ruiz, Steven Brand, Jolene Andersen, Nick Eversman, Sanny Van Heteren
Directed by Víctor García
Studio Arc Entertainment
MPAA R (Rated R for bloody horror violence, grisly images, sexual content and language)
Genre(s) Horror, Suspense
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