Arachnoquake (2015)

Arachnoquake was released on DVD on April 21, 2015
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When powerful earthquakes wreak havoc in Louisiana, giant albino spiders emerge from the fissures and attack the disoriented survivors. A tour guide caught up in the cataclysm determines the species must be descended from a progenitor that was trapped underground millions of years ago, and that the quakes will continue, following an ancient, previously unknown fault line right toward Houston. The eight-legged beasts’ only weakness is a genetic abnormality that makes them highly vulnerable to sunlight; too bad a total eclipse is on the way!

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US DVD Release Date April 21, 2015
UK DVD Release Date UK - Not announced
Australia DVD Release Date AU - Not announced

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Run time 87 minutes
DVD and Blu-ray Release Date April 21, 2015
Actors Edward Furlong, Bug Hall, Gralen Bryant Banks, Megan Adelle, Paul Boocock, Tiara Ashleigh, Tracey Gold, Olivia Hardt, Grant James
Directed by Griff Furst
MPAA Not-Rated
Genre(s) Horror, Science Fiction
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