Flight 7500 (2012)

Flight 7500 was released on DVD on April 12, 2016
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Passengers aboard a flight across the Pacific Ocean encounter a supernatural force.

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4.8 User Reviews (8)


US DVD Release Date April 12, 2016
UK DVD Release Date UK - Not announced
Australia DVD Release Date AU - Not announced

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Run time 97 minutes
Theater Release Date October 3, 2014
DVD and Blu-ray Release Date April 12, 2016
Actors Ryan Kwanten, Amy Smart, Jerry Ferrara, Nicky Whelan, Scout Taylor-Compton, Leslie Bibb, Jamie Chung, Christian Serratos, Allison McCurdy, Megan Taylor, Alex Frost, Johnathon Schaech
Directed by Takashi Shimizu
MPAA PG-13 (Rated PG-13 for thematic material, some scary images and brief language)
Genre(s) Horror, Suspense, Thriller
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8 Visitor Reviews for Flight 7500

  1. Csweetheart says:

    I am desperate to watch this movie!!! Went to every store, Walmart, target and best buys to get this movie and they said they didn’t have it….. Has it not yet been released??!! I’m going crazy here! I’m a horror fan and I NEED to watch this asap!!

  2. pat says:

    I have also been waiting for this movie and I know that it’s been so long in waiting. Now I just want to buy the DVD. Why would the producers want to hold back this movie? Mostly when so many of us, SyFy people, are willing to buy this movie without reviewing it first. Producers, you can make money off of this movie, can’t you see the big dollar signs? We have been waiting this long…. what is going on? Where is the movie…Give …We are waiting patiently…very…Very.

  3. kim says:

    what happened to the movie, I’ve seen the trailer and would like to see this movie,,,, any ideas when i can expect it on dvd.

  4. WHATEVER says:

    Like so many others I have been waiting for 2 damn years for this movie to come out! And since you(Takashi Shimizu) was so kind to not only lie about it but also keep half of us in the dark about what going on? I will not be paying for a ticket to watch it on the big screen! I will not be buying it on DVD! I am going to straight up bootleg the sh$t!


  5. Allie says:

    when is this movie out is it in 7500.. we can not wait this long 🙁

  6. Jennifer says:

    Hellooooo, knock, knock. I started seeing the 7500 movie trailer in 2012.
    Quote “Theater Release Date January 31, 2013” Did you run out of money to finish this gem? PS. Today’s date is March 13, 2014.. wakey, wakey..

  7. Tristan Sweat says:

    I really want this movie out please I’ve seen every trailer and now if I can just get the movie I’d be happy thank you

  8. stacy says:

    So I’d like to know when the movie 7500 will be on DVD I’d really like to see it, I hate all the teasing, been waiting for a year now

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