The World of Sholom Aleichem (1959)

The World of Sholom Aleichem was released on DVD on September 27, 2011
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Adapted by Arnold Perl from his 1953 Off-Broadway play, The World of Sholom Aleichem was first broadcast on December 14, 1959 on the dramatic anthology series The Play of the Week. This compilation of three different plays was based on the stories of Sholom Aleichem; the famed writer known as the Yiddish Mark Twain.

The first play “A Tale of Chelm,” features Zero Mostel as a befuddled religious teacher and Nancy Walker as his exasperated wife in a lighthearted tale of a man trying to buy a goat in a town of fools.

“Bontsche Schweig” takes place in heaven where the newly deceased Bontsche (Jack Gifford) has arrived for judgement. After an angel (Lee Grant) tells the story of his life of strife, Bontsche is offered paradise, only to stun the heavenly court with an extraordinarily modest request.

In the final play “The High School,” a Jewish merchant (Morris Carnovsky) is cajoled by his wife (Gertrude Berg) to help prepare their teenage son for high school in spite of quotas designed to limit the number of Jewish students.

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US DVD Release Date September 27, 2011
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Run time 101 minutes
DVD and Blu-ray Release Date September 27, 2011
Actors Zero Mostel, Nancy Walker, Sam Levene, Jack Gilford, Lee Grant
Directed by Don Richardson
Studio Entertainment One
MPAA Not-Rated
Genre(s) Drama
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