Broken Glass (2007)

Broken Glass was released on DVD on January 12, 2010
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Forced into a heterosexual relationship after her mother finds her with another woman, gorgeous Uruguayan artist Valentina struggles with her sexuality as her male alter ego begins to take over. Valentina lives in Berlin with her wealthy yet overbearing mother, who threatens to cut her free-spirited daughter off financially after discovering that she is a lesbian. In order to appease her mother, Valentina enters into a heterosexual relationship. When Valentina brings another man into the bedroom, the weight of the situation becomes too much to bear, and the emotionally-fragile woman begins to take on the persona of a man.

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US DVD Release Date January 12, 2010
UK DVD Release Date UK - Not announced
Australia DVD Release Date AU - Not announced

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Run time 90 Minutes
DVD and Blu-ray Release Date January 12, 2010
Actors Gustavo Camelot, Danielle James, Mariela Santos, Jasper Wood, Ralph Lister, Clement von Franckenstein, Olivier Raynal, Sue Ozeran, Hebe Tabachnik
Directed by Gustavo Camelot
Studio Celebrity Video Distribution
MPAA Not-Rated
Genre(s) Drama
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