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MULLY was released on DVD on November 21, 2017
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What happens when a six-year-old boy in Kenya is abandoned by his family and left to raise himself on the streets? Mully is no ordinary rags-to-riches tale. It’s the true story of Charles Mully, whose unlikely stratospheric rise to wealth and power leaves him questioning his own existence, searching for meaning in life. Against the better judgment of family and community, Mully sets out to enrich the fate of orphaned children across Kenya. Jeopardizing his own life and the security of his family, Charles Mully risks everything and sets in motion a series of events that is nothing short of astonishing. An astonishingly inspirational film directed by Scott Haze with Academy Award-Winner James Moll serving as executive producer and original score provided by Golden Globe nominee, Benjamin Wallfisch.

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US DVD Release Date November 21, 2017
UK DVD Release Date UK - Not announced
Australia DVD Release Date AU - Not announced

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Run time 100 minutes
Theater Release Date October 3, 2017
DVD and Blu-ray Release Date November 21, 2017
Directed by Scott Haze
Genre(s) Adventure, Documentary
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6 Visitor Reviews for MULLY

  1. Audrey R says:

    Absolutely loved this awe inspiring documentary. The honesty of what his kids felt and family sticking together in tough times. Complete trust in God thru challenges of life and death. They the family taught the orphans life skills, education and hard work. Enabling to become self sufficient and to bond as a family even through all their struggles. WOW! Amazed at how the desert flourished and how the ecological environment changed. Had a good impact on me my family and friends. Gonna buy this movie… Hope you get a chance to watch this great movie.

  2. Kathy Mary says:

    I don’t like going to see movies anymore. Hollywood has become to political. But I did go see Mully and I loved every minute of it. I will always go to movies like these. They always make the world a better place. I know so many people that would have gone to see it if they knew about it. Maybe they’ll but the DVD.
    Thank you!!!!

  3. Harold McNeil says:

    The movie was a thriller, especially since it records a true story of an actual life!

  4. Helen J Childress says:

    What an awesome testimony. Not supported by government, church thought he was crazy, but he stays true to what God called him to do. 2017 George Mueller. Mully’s faith strong snd God’s faithfulness lived out. Everyone needs to watch this move.

  5. Ed Gallick says:

    great movie

  6. Ed Gallick says:

    can’t wait to see it

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