They Came Together (2014)

They Came Together was released on DVD on September 2, 2014
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When Joel (Paul Rudd) and Molly (Amy Poehler) meet, it’s hate at first sight: his big Corporate Candy Company threatens to shut down her quirky indie candy shop. Plus, Joel is hung up on his sexy ex (Cobie Smulders). But amazingly, they fall in love, until they break up about two thirds of the way through, and Molly starts dating her accountant (Ed Helms). But then right at the end…well you’ll just have to see. (Hint: Joel makes a big speech and they get back together.)

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5.5 70% User Reviews (0)


US DVD Release Date September 2, 2014
UK DVD Release Date September 29, 2014
Australia DVD Release Date September 24, 2014

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Run time 83 min
Theater Release Date June 27, 2014
DVD and Blu-ray Release Date September 2, 2014
Actors Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Cobie Smulders, Max Greenfield, Bill Hader, Christopher Meloni, Ellie Kemper, Jason Mantzoukas, Ed Helms
Directed by David Wain
Writer(s) ,
Studio Lionsgate
MPAA R (Rated R for language and sexual content)
Genre(s) Comedy, Romance
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