Colin Hearts Kay (2010)

Colin Hearts Kay was released on DVD on May 29, 2012
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Brooklyn based cartoonist Colin Jenson has just broken up with his longtime girlfriend, Kay Ho. Colin takes us on a hilarious journey through his memories to uncover what went wrong over their three-year relationship and who was to blame. The non-linear adventure is illustrated through a comic and innovative style combining direct address, fantastical special effects, and animation as we step into the world of Colin’s cartoon drawings. Colin’s pursuit of love suffers a severe setback when Kay is introduced to the handsome hedge fund manager, Salvatore. Colin and Salvatore ultimately engage in a combination live-action and animated gladiator fight set in a hand-drawn Roman coliseum. Meanwhile, Kay struggles with the restrictive customs and cultural mores passed on to her by her traditional, Chinese parents. Is love duty and sacrifice, as they say? Or is it cartoony fireworks, as Colin would have it? Ultimately it’s up to Colin to erase the mistakes of his past and draw upon lessons learned to win back the heart of his true love.

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US DVD Release Date May 29, 2012
UK DVD Release Date UK - Not announced
Australia DVD Release Date AU - Not announced

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Run time 82 Minutes
DVD and Blu-ray Release Date May 29, 2012
Actors Noah Starr, Mellini Kantayya, Emily Chang, Abraham De Funes, Kyle Walters, Nitin Madan
Directed by Sebastian Conley
Studio Vanguard
MPAA Not-Rated (Not Rated)
Genre(s) Comedy
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