Dragon Eyes (2012)

Dragon Eyes was released on DVD on October 23, 2012
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Welcome to St. Jude, a town where rival gangs rule the streets, where the chief of police is a cold-blooded killer, and where citizens have learned to keep their heads down. Then comes out-of-towner Ryan Hong. His vintage car attracts attention. His unbelievable marital arts skills cause a sensation. Sensing a human weapon, the rival gangs bid for Hong’s allegiance. But Hong is committed to honoring an old promise to a mentor he met in prison: that he will “do good” wherever possible. With a lethal combination of street smarts and martial arts, Hong vows to lift St. Jude’s citizens out of fear… even if he must turn into a one-man army to do it.

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US DVD Release Date October 23, 2012
UK DVD Release Date UK - Not announced
Australia DVD Release Date AU - Not announced

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Run time 91 min
DVD and Blu-ray Release Date October 23, 2012
Actors Jean-Claude Van Damme, Cung Le, Peter Weller, Johnny Holmes, Sam Medina, Gilbert Melendez, Danny Cosmo, Crystal Mantecon, Danny Mora
Directed by John Hyams
Studio Warner Bros.
MPAA R (Rated R for brutal violence, pervasive language, some sexuality/nudity and drug use)
Genre(s) Action, Crime
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